Taylor Myers

Creep On In

As a huge fan of horror and Jordan Peele, I was inspired to create this poster after seeing the official trailer for Us released on Christmas Day 2018. I don’t assume the things I post on my Instagram will really gain any traction, it’s just for fun!

Later that day when I posted my work, I opened Instagram to see that not only had Jordan Peele seen my art, he re-posted it to his account! I about fainted! To have another artist who I deeply admire to see and appreciate something I’ve done is euphoria to me. This re-post by Peele was the starting point of the fanart campaign that Universal Studios launched and led to a fan-art gallery at the movie’s premiere!

Cherries on top: Lupita Nyong’o also re-posted it, and Andy Muschiettei (director of IT Chapter 1 & 2) and Rashida Jones both liked Peele’s post of my work.